Wrong Side Raju Movie Review

There was a great buzz itself prior the movie trailer as Phantom Films invested in the movie and Abhishek Jain’s past successful projects. Was it worth? Let’s find out!! Switching of Flashback and Present kept excitement alive till the last minute of the film. Director has tried to showcase Ahmedabad at it’s best. As far as Direction is concerned, Mikhil Musale did a fabulous job.


It was evident from the trailer that Raju Bambani (Pratik Gandhi) is a driver by formal occupation but a bootlegger for earning extra.  A bootlegger who doesn’t drink but sells to earn more and to fund his own business of Travel Agency. Ohh Sorry, He wants it to be recognized as StartUp not ધંધો or business. Mind it.

Amitabh Shah (Asif Basra) is a business tycoon running a successful law firm and Raju works as a driver here. Amitabh Shah’s son is Tanmay who has come back from Malaysia with Shally (Kimberley Louisa McBeath) to sought 2 million USD from his Dad and setup his business in Malaysia but his father isn’t interested. બાપા ને ખબર હતી આ લાખ ના બાર કરશે.

During Tanmay’s  stay, Raju happened to be his driver and did some favors. Shally (Kimberly) started learning garba from Dhara, Raju’s sister. So Raju now started accompanying Shally and after few smiles from this beauty and few compliments, ભાઇ તો લટુ થઇ ગયા . Tanmay starts noticing this.

One incident worth quoting, Raju came to deliver bottle of wine to Shally. She asked Raju to join for a drink. ઓમ તો નતો પિતો પણ હવે આટલી સુંદર છોકરી પુછે તો ના કેમ પાડવી. And after that God bless, Dialogues and remix gujarati garbo that he sings at that time is one of the best part of movie. ચપટી ભરિ ચોખા ને candle નો છે દિવડો.

First half was stretched a bit but movie really paced in the second half as case opens. And I mean a very complex case that looks simple on first impression. Police investigation going on and Raju was considered the accused. Police started seeking information from Raju. There Amitabh Shah (Tanmay’s Father) trying his best to move Tanmay out of the case. Court Trials, Media outrage, Sympathy, Empathy and things you judge is not always true. Story is well written and narrated.


Any lesser actor would have not been able to do justice to the Raju’s character as Pratik Gandhi did.  Also He adopted Kathiyawadi flawlessly. Kimberly as Shally, Kavi Shastri as Tanmay, Asif Basra as Amitabh Shah did a decent job. Jayesh More as Inspector Gohel and the guy who played Subinspector Makwana were impeccable and played a vital role. Good to see such talent in Gujarati movie industry. Sidhharth Randeria did a cameo as Amitabh Shah’s advocate.


All songs went viral and of course they will when you have heart soothing music from Sachin-Jigar. Gujarati songs by the singers we love. Satrangi re by Arijit Singh, Zindabad Re by Vishal Dadlani and Gori radha ne kado kaan by Kirtidan Gadhvi and Divya Kumar, We got it all. Nice to see connecting dots between Gujarati cinema and Bollywood.

Last Reaction

Suspense is the show stealer and hidden in the name of movie. Would say much better than the Bollywood masala movie Baar baar Dekho. We feel proud when we see a Gujarati movie with a substantial content and not just comic genre..Kudos to the team.

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