Upcoming urban Gujarati movies in 2016-17

Gujarati movies has become a new sensation in last few years since the release of Kevi rite Jaish  in 2012 which was a blockbuster and ran for number of weeks.  We have seen amazing movies in last couple of years like Chello Divas, Romance Complicated, Gujjubhai The Great that ruled box office. Polampol,  Hu tutu, Happy Family Pvt Ltd didn’t do quite well though. Just released Thai Jashe! and Daav Thai Gayo Yaar are performing well at box office.

Listing out some of upcoming movies to look upto in 2016-17 :

Romeo and Radhika


Romeo and Radhika is romantic comedy movie all set to release on 15th July 2016. Directed by Sidhharth Trivedi, the trailer of the movie looks promising. Movie features Hemang Dave, well-known Bollywood actor Shahbaz khan, new talent Tushar Sadhu & Vidhi Parikh in the lead role. Though the story in the trailer seems predictable, It looks like there might be some dose of laughter in the film. Get more updates about the film from Romeo and Radhika official FB Page

Tuu To Gayo

Tuu To Gayo is comedy drama film which is directed by Dhwani Gautam who directed one of the high budget movie Romance Complicated shot overseas. Film did well and was appluaded. Tuu to Gayo is produced by Shanku Entertainment which is pioneer as Shanku water resort venturing into entertainment space. Tuu To Gayo is starring by Dharmesh Vyas, Tushar Sadhu, Nilay Patel and Raunaq Kamdar. Trailer is yet to release and team is highly busy promoting the film. Movie is rumoured to release in September 2016. Get more updates about the film from Tuu to Gayo official FB Page


Lavari, the craziest Gujarati Movie is now into Promotional period and is ready for release soon in 2016. This upcoming Urban Gujarati Movie is directed by Rahu Thummar and Produced by Mayur Kachhadiya. The film is mostly shot in Surat. We will see new talent pouring in.

Patel vs Patrick

Patel vs Patrick is another flick from Dhwani Gautam. The movie will feature music composer and singer Darshan Raval in the lead role. It is said that Darshan Raval charged whooping 50 lakhs for the film that made him the highest paid actor for a film in Gujarati Cinema. Movie revolves around the tale of UK’s girl and Desi boy. Film also features bollywood names Sharat Saxena and Paresh Ganatra. The shooting has begun and in promotional stage.

Kyare Jaishu Pattaya

Kyare Jaishu Pattaya to be released in end 2016 or in early 2017. The shoot has begun. It is film that is produced by Arvind Vegda. He is also leading actor, singer of the film. Arvind Vegda made it big when his Bhai Bhai Bhala mori Rama became the anthem in each Garba event. The movie had its first look out couple of years ago but not managed to release due to some issues. He appeared in reality show BigBoss as contestant and also sung Jabra Fan Song for movie Fan. As the name suggests, The film is shot in Gujarat and Pattaya, Thailand.