Tarnetar Fair is one of the famous, crowded and most celebrated fair in the state of Gujarat. The fair is organized every year for 3 days in the month of Bhadarva (Gujarati Calendar) at Tarnetar village situated around 9kms away from Thangadh and 43kms away from Surendranagar. Thousands of people from all over state pay a visit to this place due to its religious significance. Most of the fairs in Saurashtra region are part of tradition and devotion to Gods and Goddesses in the month of Shravana mostly on the bank of rivers. Even during Janmashtami , There are four official days holiday in Schools and colleges in Saurashtra region.

Significance of Tarnetar Fair

Trinetrashwar Mahadev Temple (Three-eyed Lord Shiva) is the soul of this fair. Also It is said that, the fair has been held here since ancient times and is linked with the story of Draupadi’s Swayamvar, where Arjuna executed the difficult task of piercing the eye of a rotating fish with an arrow, by looking at its reflection in the water. The fair coincides with the festival at the Trineteshwar temple celebrating the wedding of Arjuna and Draupadi. The Tarnetar temple is surrounded by three Kunds : the Vishnu Kund, the Bhrahma Kund and the Shiv Kund – south of which a cellar is built. Bathing in this kund is considered to be as holy as taking a dip in the holy waters of the Ganges by the people of Gujarat. The kund is also popularly known as the ‘Papnashu’ (destroyer of sins). Historically the festival is assumed to have initiated about 200 to 250 years ago.


It is the celebration of ethnic Gujarat’s folk-dance, music, costumes and the arts, centered around young tribal men and women seeking marriage partners. Here the many colorful costumes, glittering ornaments and free-spirited movements of folk dances, all combine to create a memorable scene. The fair is open 3 days constantly 24 hours with hardly any break. You will fill the same energy from the first day to the last one. The atmosphere is so lively and mesmerizing. The sight of the fair during night is outstanding. As the dancers surge in waves of circular movement, the incessant throbbing of the drums keeps them moving in unison, and the drum beats continue throughout even as the dancers change from one group to the next.

Art & Handicraft

The Tarnetar Mela covers a large part of the Tarnetar village with a huge number of stalls put up to sell beautiful local handicrafts unavailable elsewhere, along with ethnic jewelery, statues of deities and traditional attire with tiny mirrors embroidered into the clothing. There are also merry-go-round rides, photographers stalls, magic shows and tattoo artists who attract a large variety of visitors.

Tarnetar fair is expected to be from 5th Sept to 7th Sept in year 2016. If you have ever been to this fair, Let us know your experiences on comments below. Like Us on Facebook and we will keep you updated on such amazing articles. Stay tuned!!