Passport Movie Review

Passport movie was supposed to release on 28th October but somehow postponed release to 4th November. Movie features Malhar Thakar and Anna Ador in the lead roles. Movie is directed by Rajesh Sharma and produced under banner Vinman Cine Production. Let’s find out if it’s worth all buzz created during promotions.


Direction of the movie is par excellence. Rajesh Sharma has beautifully captured aerial views of Jama Masjid , Ahmedabad Old streets (પોળ), Manek Chowk and Riverfront in the best way possible. It was inevitable by the way because the script demanded the architectural essence of the heritage and kudos to the DOP & Cinematographer to make it happen.


Kabir (Malhar), Shyam(Ujjval Dave), Aditi (Lipi Goyal) are best friends pursuing their graduation in an architect college. Annabella Goldsmith (Anna Ador) comes to Ahmedabad for 20 days to complete internship research on Indian Architecture. They were hanging out to explore the architectural heritage of the city. Kabir gets wooed by this beauty and tries to hit on her.

There is a funny Don Sartaaj (Ashish Vashi) who wants to send her daughter to USA with fake passport. So he reaches out to Kalakar(Jayesh More) to find such a passport for 10 Lakhs Rupees. You will be amazed with the name Kalakar. In one of their visit to Old Ahmedabad Streets, Kalakar steals the Anna’s bag that had passport. Kabir tries to catch him but in vain. No one even after movie could knew his real name. He calls himself Kalakar , the artist of doing theft. One situation leads to another, despite couple of failed attempts they succeed catching him but this time he had no passport. Where was the passport gone? Let’s keep it suspense for you.

The most amazing part of the movie was Kabir keeping a happiness purse with him which he every time takes something out of it that brings smile on person’s face with an emotional connect. There were some cool hashtag #punchlines from #ujjvaldave throughout the movie. Movie depicts some of the known events of passport thefts for fake passport immigration.

Story is well written and punchlines were hilarious. Crowd couldn’t help to hold themselves from laughing. Don and Kabir both at a time trying to search passport at thief’s home and couldn’t hear any voice was cliche and didn’t made sense. It would have been done better way.


It was one of the best compositions in Gujarati cinema. Ramvane raas tame aavo by Osman mir and Awesome amdavad by Dhvanit Thaker (RJ Dhvanit), Osman mir and Mehul Surti were the spice. Dhime dhime mara sapna ma sung by Parth Doshi is a delight. Songs were well written by Chirag Trpathi.


Movie was not a one man show. So each character demanded the performance to make movie a success and I think each of them has contributed well. Malhar has been doing theater for long and has evolved a lot as a film actor. Anna Ador and Lipi Goyal did a decent job. Ujjval Dave doing Kabir’s friend role was superb with his hashtag punchlines. Ashish Vashi as  Don Sartaaj did a fabulous job in the movie. Crowd was whistling at his every dialogue. Jayesh More has proven time and again with his impeccable acting talent.

Movie worth a watch?

It is an entertaining movie. If you try to find out the logic in last 30 mins then you might not like the end. The end would have been bit logical. Movie is of just 2 hours. It’s good to see the gujarati films raising bar to held high the Gujarati Cinema. It is time to appreciate that.

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