Actors : Aarti Patel, Raj Vazir, Satyam, Aashna & Saumya.
Director, Screenplay : Ashish Kakkad
Producer : Nigam Shah, Divyesh Mehta, Sugam Shah
Music : Nishith Mehta
Lyrics : Ashish Kakkad, Dhiruben Patel
Story : Dhiruben Patel
Release Date : 9th December 2016


Movie was about the family where kids wish to have all what their friends got no matter if that is right for them at that age, a mother who is well educated and passionate about singing buried her career devoting her life for upbringing of children being housewife and a father who wants to balance his strictness and soft spot to be friend of his children. Shahbuddin Rathod played role of Grandfather living in their hometown Tankara.

Kids wanted their mummy to become modern, trendy and switch from Thepla to Pizza, Bhadrambhadra to Harry Potter, Saree to Jeans, Gujarati to English as they feel embarrassed sometime considering her old school. They start protesting their own way. How their parents handle this situation is the essence of movie. There will come at least one instance in the movie when you will see your reflection on screen. 3 generations beautifully carved the time being.

There was one beautiful line said by Shahbuddin Rathod during call to his son which is worth quoting. Words might not be exact but the meaning is. ભલે મિત્ર બનવાનો પ્રયાસ કર પણ એને મિત્રો મળી રહેશે, બાપ નહિ.

Story is very well narrated highlighting the importance of mother tongue Gujarati. How it is being sidelined on the name of modernness. Story is inspired from the play written by Dhiruben Patel. Ashish Kakkad has majestically presented it on the silver screen. Music was like prabhatyu, songs that we hear early morning soothing the soul.


Aarti Patel as Mummy was the soul of the film. Her emotional connect graced her role. Cuteness of kid Vismay and Raj Vazir as Father were also admirable. It would be stupidity if I try to judge the performance of Shahbuddin Rathod. More than acting, I felt him playing his own character on screen. His kathiyawadi accent, simpler story-telling style, art of handling situations, love for mother tongue gujarati. Loved every second and every word of his. Truly life lessons on screen for any generation. Dhvanit Thakkar (RJ Dhavnit) did the cameo in the role as Gujarati teacher. Mayur Vakani whom we know as Sundar from Taarak mehta ka oolta chasma also did small appearance in movie. Ashish Kakkad, the director also appeared for a second.

Final Reaction

Before watching the movie, when I saw the title track for the first time, I was not firm to watch the movie. I thought story to be somewhere near English Vinglish. But the experience was completely remarkable. Glad, I watched it. No matter what your age group is, There is something you will take home from the movie that might change your perception about mother tongue gujarati and your family especially mother. This movie will be considered as a benchmark of great films in Gujarati movie industry.

દીકરો : તો આપડ઼ે માતૃભાષા બચાવવાની  છે ને?
મમ્મી : ના…માતૃભાષા આપણ ને બચાવે છે.

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