Here is the video version of the song Maro halo from upcoming gujarati movie Pela Adhi Akshar. Song is any lesser than bollywood party song. To hell with the bollywood, we have now got one. Song is sung by Mohan Kannan, written by Harish Bhatt and composed by Vivek Bhardwaj Chhetri. Movie directed by Kunal Shah features Parth Oza , Aanshul Trivedi, Pooja Ruparel, Kaushal Shah and Semal Bhatt. Release date of the movie revised to 24th March instead of 4th April.

અણયારી છે આંખો તારી હિરણી જેવી ચાલ
ગુલાબ જેવું મુખડું જોઈ દિલડું ડોલા ખાઈ

મારો હેલો સાંભળોજી…મારો હેલો સાંભળોજી