Director : Saandeep Patel
Actors : Malhar Thakar, Pratik Gandhi, Aarohi Patel
Lyricist : Niren Bhatt
Writers : Mitai Shukla, Nehal Bakshi
Music Composers : Sachin-Jigar
Producer : Aarti Patel
Release Date : 17th November

Film starts with the most happening character, the independent and down to earth RJ Antara (Aarohi Patel). She is portrayed as Ahmedabad’s most popluar RJ hosting morning show LoveLine where callers ask for love solution. At one of the young achievers awards, she meets young businessman Aaditya Shah (Pratik Gandhi) who is shy, mature & decisive. Casual talk leads to their friendship. Entry of cool dude Sagar (Malhar Thakar) with background music is one of featuring moment of the film.

Call from one of the radio listener Swati to RJ Antara leads to advancement of the twisted love triangle drama. Dialogues of the film and natural humor will bind you to the film till the end. Though sometimes you will loose the touch when predictable happens if you are a frequent movie goer. Film has cameos and characters from many RJs like Mihir Pathak, RJ Ekta, Maulik Nayak and Aarti Patel who is also producer of the film. Acting of all three leads looks effortless.

Direction and cinematography of the film is elite. Saandeep Patel has made a comeback as a director after a long time and looks like outcome has raised the film-making standard for young film makers. Tapan Vyas has remarkably captured the romantic moments in Diu which will make you feel like ‘Time to visit Diu’.

Sachin-Jigar always create magic with their compositions. Vhalam avo ne has been the chart-buster since release. Other songs Athdaya Kare chhe, Dhun laagi & rocking I love you, re mari Savar will surely find a place in your playlist. Background score by Parth Bharat Thakkar will glue you towards film.

From start till end, expect the puns, situational natural humor and twisted drama. Ending of the film is like typical bollywood movies which would have been different. Yet you will leave theater with a smile.

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