The contribution being made by IT industry towards India’s GDP has led to the stable growth of India’s economy. Companies like Paytm, Flipkart, Redbus, Makemytrip , Bookmyshow just to name a few through their online services disrupted the way Indian online space operated a decade ago. These firms succeeded because they are run transparently by the people who are willing to share fortune with their employees and shareholders. We see number of startups emerging everyday in different sectors to find loopholes and solve the challenges that India face today with the help of technology.

As far as Gujarat is concerned, The scenario is completely different. More than 80% of  IT Companies are bootstrapped and act as outsourcing partner of the company overseas. Ahmedabad has evolved as a IT hub in Gujarat in last few years and number of IT companies in Vadodara, Rajkot and Surat is fairly increasing.

The Positive Side

As these are SMEs, Recruitment is carried out on the basis of skill set and not just on academic qualifications. As there is no academic barrier, There is equal opportunity for anyone. In a big company, It is good to learn processing. You are part of big system. But when you work for small company, You learn the passion, you will learn how to do lot of things at one time. Company Team being small, You are not just restricted to your role but get lot of things on hand. You get to work with Founding Team directly and get insight of management process.

If you are hard working geek, then this is the perfect place for you. Salary initially may not be par to MNC payscale standards but in next few years, You might become capable to start your own venture and enjoy roller-coaster ride.

The Lacking Factor

Though these IT companies are doing well and are profitable, There is a lacking factor in terms of disruption and transparent work culture as compared to startups in other cities outside Gujarat. Reviews of even leading companies says Work pressure, Untimely working hours, micromanagement, no proper delegation of work and politics. Company culture is not the way it is showcased in their social media page.

As the employees with few years of experience as programmers start their own venture, They think new hires will also dedicate their time, soul as sincerely as founders do. But that not being the case, This end up as informally managed company. Even after the establishment of 2-3 years, The companies operate the same way without improvement in the process and has been a normal in IT company in Gujarat. Companies need to get out of this and set an example of decent work culture, payscale standards.

If you are part of the management of established company or an employee who foresee to start his/her own venture, you really need to focus on the lacking factor to create better office culture for your primary asset, EMPLOYEES.

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