Cast : Ragini, Devarshi Shah, Gopal Parmar, Navjot Singh Chauhan, Vimmy Bhatt.
Director : Dev Keshwala
Producers : Rati Kadegiya & Kapil Vyas
Music : Jigardan Gadhvi (Jigrra)

Two Gujarati films Kaik Karne yaar and Hardik abhinanadan released on 11th November. Both seem to be doing well in Cinemas. Hardik Abhinandan Team did it all to reach out to audience promoting film. Let’s find out if the movie has contributed to the Gujarati cinema revival boom.


Movie revolves around 3 youngsters Hardik( Devarshi Shah) from Porbandar, Abhimanyu Zala(Gopal Parmar) from Bhuj, (Navjot Singh Chauhan) from Deesa coming to Ahmedabad for pursuing college graduation. They are staying at Mukta masi’s PG (Ragini). She had a daughter Aarti (Vimmy Bhatt). Mukta Masi is portrayed as a widow living with daughter Aarti, a teacher who believes if you can recite mathematical table of 19 then you are career oriented, ambitious, humble, polite and blablah good person. સાવ આવી મજાક કરવાની!! but a simple living girl yes may be.

These 3 young buddies started making wishlist what they want to do during their college life that has no space for career and academics. It was just about drinking, smoking, flirting and laying down(not succeeded). એક બીજા ને બાપા ના નામે બોલાવાનુ. They got in the bad company of addicts and instead of going to college, they used to go Hookah bars. It became routine and lying to their parents that they need to use money for studies. One day, Mukta Masi caughts them red-handed smoking hookah in their room and throws these guys out. કુતરા ની પૂંછડી વાંકી તે વાંકી, સીધી ના થાય.

They moved to another house and were doing the same. They needed a female cook(to sleep with) and broker got Aarti as their cook. She said yes to this job only to direct them to right path(not aware of their intention). But why she is so generous!! આ એમ સુધરે એવા નતા. They flunked the exam and Parents reached here after complaint from the principal and instead of apologizing they retarded their parents. When they stopped getting money from parents, they started doing odd jobs to survive. This was the time when they realized things they have done in the past were brutal for them and their close ones.પણ હજુ સિગારેટ પીવા તો જોઈ જ.

Aarti was trying every bit like meditation to stop their smoking habit. Eventually they stop smoking. Aarti convinces Mukta masi to give them one chance, let them stay at their house and make a fresh start. They get enrolled for distance education and working hard for the exams. They appeared in exams and went back hometown for 2 months vacation.

Results get declared. They come up with flying colors and landed at Mukta Masi’s house. They came to know that Aarti was going through the cancer last stage due to excess smoking and was not the daughter of Mukta Masi but her son’s lover. A flashback where Aarti was bold modern girl highly addicted to smoking , drinking. Aarti in the party forced boyfriend(Mukta Masi’s son) to drink. While coming to home after partying, He met with an accident due to drunk driving and lost his life. This is how Mukta Masi lost his only son. Aarti stayed with her since then. This is when they came to know why she was making efforts to help them quit smoking.

Story is written well by Dev Keshwala but stretched a bit. As far as direction is concerned, he did well. As most of the locations were indoor, It was not that challenging.


Background score of the movie was amazing. Tyare ame avishu, Aa shehar, Fookavni Chool are pretty good compositions by Jigardan Gadhavi.


Ragini is one of the reputed actors in the Gujarati entertainment industry. She did well as Mukta Masi. As Vimmy Bhatt has done short films, Gujarati & hindi television in the past, She easily graced this role both as simple and bold at a time. I loved Vimmy Bhatt’s performance in short film Speechless. It is one of my favorite short films. Devarshi Shah, Gopal Parmar were energetic & expressive. Navjot Singh Chahuhan did a fabulous job as Nandan, an innocent small town boy.

જોવા જવાય?

The story had a social message. People coming from small towns to pursue education in big cities and gets under the bad influence ruining career and wasting hard earned money of their parents. Movie had funny one liners through out the movie. Really liked the concept but Dev Keshwala would have shorten the length at least 30 minutes so that you have pace in the movie. It was 3 hours long movie. If you have this patience, You can go watch out this movie that had a social message for all out there.

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