Famous Street food in Surat

Surat is one of the fastest growing City in the world. Surat is known as the Textile and Diamond Hub of India. This city of over-bridges is the richest city in the country ahead of Bangalore and Chennai having highest per capita income in the country. Apart from this, Surat is also famous for its cuisine and culture. So if you are foodie, you will have amazing time exploring food here. Surely Suratis do not cook on weekends, you will find them at eateries. The name of dishes itself can melt your mouth. Khamani, Khaman, Aloo Paratha, Khandvi, Handvo, Locho, Khichu , Sev Usal are some of best street foods with incompetent taste at your delight.

Gopal Locho Khaman House

The most preferred destination for tasting Locho and Khamani is this place. It is located near Surat city Railway station. You will find number of locho variants like Normal Locho, Chinese Locho, Lasiniya Locho etc. Dishes were served with a sweet chutney, onion and sev garnish which go well with the locho. You might end up with 3 4 plates!!! The place is very hygiene and price is really affordable. They have 3 branches in the city at Manchharpura Kharadi sheri Naka, Aai Mata Rd and City Light Rd. Do not miss to visit this place on your stay in Surat.

Jani Khaman & Locho house

Another amazing deistination for having the best Surti Locho is Jani no Locho. Here, the Locho gets most of the dressing up. In addition to Chaat masala powder, chopped onions and Sev, the customers can choose toppings such as peanut oil, melted butter , cheese and mayo. There are also rolls made with Locho, a new invention perhaps! This is the food that goes from comfort to crazy in seconds. First Timers should try the cheese one. Well it’s worth the nap you will need after. It is located near Parle point.

Street food in Piplod

There is an area in Piplod where the footpath is lined with several food vendors with their menus just as in Restaurants. The yummy Khaman to Khamani, the buttery Paranthas with more than 100 varieties and similar number in varieties of Dhosa to even Dabeli, the array of chats from Delhi and Rajasthan, the variety of Handvos it has all.


A sweet dish, dipped in Ghee and stuffed with Dryfruits though full of calories will make you crave for it. Ghari is made on the special day of ChandiPadwa wherein, Ghari worth of millions is relished by Suratis. Truly deserves to be in Guiness book of world record! . Jamnadas Ghariwala, Thakkar Sweets serves best ghari in the city.

Sev Khamani

Sev Khamani, is one more variant of Khaman. Famous places for khamni delight are various outlets of Madhi ni Khamani at vesu, Athwagate, Udhna magdalla road, Varachha, etc.


Khichu is simple, spicy and yummy healthy Gujarati Snacks. This steamed rice flour street food is very famous in Gujarat. It tastes delicious with Achar Methi Masala and oil.

Other specialties :

  • A-One Icecream Shop – Best Coco in the city
  • Chauta Bazaar – Number of street food vendors with wide range of menu.
  • Mr. Eggs and Amthakaka’s egg stall on Dumas Road – Serves best and varieties of egg dishes.

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