Dhantya open hit the cinemas on 10th February competing with 4 other Gujarati movies and Akshay starer Jolly LLB 2. Dhantya Open created quite a buzz for few reasons. Naresh Kanodia and Kiran Kumar were coming back together on screen after a long time, it being a cult gangster film and movie that bridges rural-urban divide.

Story revolves around the most feared gangster Haji Ali (Naresh Kanodia) who has many illegal business on his name. Almost all his businesses were managed by greedy Lalwani brothers Dilip Lalwani (Krunal Pandit) and Murli Lalwani (Abhinay Banker) but gambling one is headed by his most trusted and dear Dhantya Bhai (Kiran Kumar). Dhantya Bhai has two sons Prakash (Manav Gohil) who is working with his father and younger one Suraj (Revanta Sarabhai) pursuing graduation. Wafa doing graduation in the same college happens to be fiance of Haji Ali. Suraj falls in love with Wafa(Jhinal Bilani). Can Suraj free Wafa from the cage of brutal Haji Ali and write his destiny?

Script and sceenplay by Kunal Shah are the magic-wand in this case. Each character is sharply written. Flow of the Movie is to the point without unwanted drama. Dialogues of Haji Ali & Dhantya bhai were a delight.

Music and the background score of the film were over the top. Chemistry between Revanta Sarabhai and Jhinal Bilani is phenomenal to watch. Song Mandu Maru sung by Swaroop Khan, Udey re gulaal by Tapas Relia are the ones you can’t not stop humming.

Each actor contributed well to the film. Credits took more time at the start of the movie. It would have been incorporated along the screenplay. Over all Ajay Phansekhar’s Dhantya Open is deliciously twisted cult drama full of  dialogues, romance, family virtues, greed and business more than anything.

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