Carry on Kesar Movie was supposed to release on 18th Nov 2016 but release got delayed in account to demonetization situation. Still the team managed to keep the excitement alive and finally Carry on Kesar hit the theatres on 17th February.


It is the story of middle aged couple Shyam Patel (Darshan Jariwala) & Kesar Patel (Supriya Pathak Kapoor) living blissfully in small town named Jamkhambhadia. The only missing thing in their life is parenthood as they have no child.  Annie (Avani Modi), a young & beautiful fashion designer from Paris comes to Jamkhambhadia to learn the craft of designing Patolas, Lehariyas & Bandhani from Kesar as she has been one of most popular of the art known.

Kesar stopped this work due to tragedies happened in life 20 years back. Those incidents made her a rigid person that She stopped believing in God and any relation. So Kesar denies teaching her the craft. Can Annie convince her to teach that craft?

Pratik Joshi (Ritiesh Mobh) plays the Gynec Doctor who gives hope to the couple that still they can become parents by using IVF technique and fulfill only missing moments in their life.

Talking about the comedy, there is situational comedy throughout the movie par any gujarati comedy movies made so far. The characters Jiglo (Amish Tanna) and Odha uncle (Archan Trivedi) will leave a blueprint in your heart.

Movie is bit intense and responsibly shows the character transformation and feelings of To-be-mother during pregnancy. It is the most beautiful part of the film.


Sachin-Jigar gave yet again sensational music for a gujarati film. Kaalja no Katko by Taniska Sanghavi gives goosebumps when you listen it in theatre. There are other amazing versions of this by Alka Yagnik & Osman Mir. Soulful song Meghdhanusya mara hayya nu by Javed Ali & rocking Carry on Kesar title track sung by Jigar Saraiya were a delight.


Supriya Pathak Kapur has seamlessly played the challenging role of Kesar. The character demanded all the expressions, adaptability from being tough at times to most humble person in the very next moment. Darshan Jariwalla graced the role of to-be-father. Performance of Avani Modi and Ritiesh Mobh are also admirable.

Last Reaction

Through his decade experience in theatre, Vipul Mehta has delivered an awesome film to the audience out there. It is truly an entertaining, inspiring and hopeful movie. સાચેજ મૂવી ગુજરાતી થાળી જેવી છે જેમાં સ્વીટસ હોઈ , થોડું ફરસાણ , રોટલી, spicy શાક ને છેલ્લે દાળ-ભાત હોઈ અને પછી જમી ને જે સંતોષ અનુભવો એની વાત જ કઈ અલગ હોઈ. There is a minute cameo of Amitabh Bachchan & Jaya Bachchan in the movie.

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