The State of Gujarat is said to have largest coastline in the country. Famous for its culture, cuisine and beaches, There are beautiful destinations to spend good time with loved ones. There is uniqueness of golden sands here. Each beach has its own specialty as inhabit culture of thy local people.

Listing out some of the best beaches that you can plan to explore.

Nagoa Beach, Diu

Nagoa beach

Situated in island of Diu, Nagoa Beach is most popular beach in Gujarat. Beach is famous for its high palm trees and hoka trees that enhance its charm. It is simply the perfect spot for letting your body and mind get relaxed of the daily fuss with an exotic feeling in the serene breeze that blows at beach. You can enjoy water sports like Para sailing and hot air balloon in the air, water scooter,banana boating, speed boat, water skiing, jet skiing to name a few. The weather of Diu is very pleasant. The best season to visit place is October to April. Gujarat being a dry state, Many people come around to have good time with good wine as alcohol is not prohibited in the city of Diu. Reaching Diu is easy, It has an international airport as well as Road transportation facilities connecting to each city of Gujarat.

Ghoghla Beach


Ghoghla Beach is largest and most gentlest beach in Diu. It is one of the most beautiful and cleanest beach in Diu. It is smooth and the water level rises gradually as you walk into the sea. It also offers various water sports facilities like parasailing, banana boating, speed boat etc. Nagoa beach being popular is more crowded than this so You can spend peaceful time here. It has nice atmosphere with almost no noise. Just feel the relaxation, sit on sand just spend evening with nature and sound of tides.

Mandvi Beach, Kutch


Another fine beach in Gujarat is in Mandvi, a historic and principal port town of the Maharao’s of Kutch. The Maharao’s private beach, behind Vijay Vilas Palace, is 8 km from town, and requires a small fee (the other beaches are free and open to the public). The Vijay Vilas Beach has nice white sand, amazing places to swim and air-conditioned tents for accommodations along the shore. Mandvi beach has lovely blue waters, lots of birds and sandy beach. There is lot more than just beach to offer. Handicrafts, monuments and culture of Kutch is worth exploring. Recreate your favorite scene from Lagaan or Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, both of which have scenes filmed at the palace.

Somnath Beach

Somnath Beach

Somnath Beach is one of the major attractions for tourists visiting state. The beach is famous for its sparkling clear waters, thunderous waves and fine sand. If you are here, Do not miss view of the beach during sunrise and sunset, It is really mesmerizing. The Somnath beach is unshaded but lovely. The most adorable sight of beach is the fishing port, where thousands of trawlers, country crafts and dhows can be seen unloading their catch. Not just the beach, nearby tourists attractions like Somnath Temple, Rudreshwara Temple, Prabas Pata Museum to name a few. Somnath being one of the significant religious pilgrimage in the country, You can see the large number of visitors coming to the place. Nearest Railway station is Veraval. Nearest airport is at Keshod around 40 kms. It also has well connected road transportation network so reaching the place is easy.

Gopnath Beach

Located around 75 kms south to Bhavnagar, It used to be the summer residence of Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji of Bhavnagar. The breathtakingly beautiful sea coast with it’s spectacular limestone cliffs, sea breezes and colourful birdlife, the brilliant flora and fauna that abound on its shores. After a hectic routine day today life, You can find this place a leisure to rest. The Gopnath beach has firm sands for walking and shallow shore waters for wading. But the high tidal difference of the coast, makes the water murky and not very inviting for a long swim. Gopnath is the base for some spectacular sightseeing. One of the major tourist attractions of the place is the Temple of Gopnath Mahadev. There is no much water sports activity if you are planning for one.

Dwarka Beach

dwarka beach

Dwarka is an important city for Hindu Pilgrimage. The city is famous for the Dwarkadish temple or Jagat Mandir. Today it is not only a major pilgrimage site but a pleasant spot for a beach holiday. Dwaraka has fine stretches of beach and though crowded by pilgrims one can always find quiet spots too. Large number of birds could be seen on the coast. There is a small island covered with temples, a white beach, coral reefs and extensive marine life. Variety of coastal birds and Dolphin expeditions are the charming tourist attraction on the Bet Dwarka beach tour.